We offer multidisciplinary Engineering design, Project development and Project Management services to the railway projects and/or railway authorities in UK, Europe and Indian subcontinent.

We do following for Project Authorities/Contractors and Consultants:

  • Project Identification and concept development.
  • Pre-feasibility studies.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis leading to Option Selection.
  • Development of the Project with more certainty about the design and associated cost.
  • Risk Management for the Project.
  • Contracting Strategy.
  • Definitive Design( GRIP 4 as per Network Rail terminology and Concept Design Statement as per LUL terminology) for different disciplines.
  • Detail Design (GRIP 5 stage as per Network Rail terminology) for different disciplines.
  • Product and Workmanship Specification.
  • Construction Design.
  • Verification and Validation ( as part of Engineering Assurance).
  • Engineering Assurance and Requirement Management through out the project.
  • Safety Assurance.
  • Independent Safety Assessment.
  • RAMS( Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Analysis
  • Common Safety Method (CSM)- Risk Assessment.
  • Preparation of Health and Safety files, Technical files, EMC files
  • Help as NCB/AsBO/NoBO/DeBo and for Project Authorization.
  • Project Handover to Asset Managers( Operation and Maintenance Department).
  • Development of Asset Management Systems.

We do the following for Railway Authorities e.g Infrastructure Managers, Train Operators, Train Companies

  • Timetabling and Operational Analysis.
  • Route Strategy.
  • Route level requirements and their coordination among different projects.
  • Assist in developing engineering procedure and writing engineering standards.
  • Engineering Consultancy.
  • Engineering/System Safety Consultancy.
  • IT consultancy.
  • Development of Requirements and Requirements Management.
  • Engineering Assurance.
  • Development of Route Level Requirements and well as Detailed Route Requirements.
  • Writing Project Scope e.g. Project Requirement Specification.
  • Writing Contract Requirement Documents( including engineering requirements).
  • Acting as Client’s Engineer.

Our capability extends to….

  • Network Rail Infrastructure including its routes, depots, stations, buildings and its interfaces.
  • Depot,sidings and stations owned/operated by Train Operators.
  • London Underground Infrastructure including its routes, depots, sidings and buildings and its interfaces.
  • London Overground Infrastructure including its routes, depot, sidings and buildings as well as trains.
  • Tramway system in UK and Europe including its routes, depot, stations and buildings.
St Pancras International Station

Project Development

Our combined experience in operation and maintenance for Fixed Infrastructure and Train Operation as well as long experience of various railway projects adds benefit throughout the conceptualization of the project e.g. regarding major decision on broad engineering parameters in order to meet service offering in terms of no of train services using this infrastructure as well expected user experience.

Engineering Design

Kumar Consultants does explore the different feasible options leading to the best options at the various stages of project development e.g. defining broad system parameters, and later design stages. The approach adopted is consider various options of design solutions and associated cost leading to selection of the option based on cost benefit analysis. The selected option is further developed for the better cost estimation of the project(GRIP 4 stage of Network Rail). We also provide the detail design for the railway contractors/railway authorities.

Engineering Assurance

We provide engineering assurance services to railway authorities as well the contractors to ensure that the designs and construction do satisfy the requirements. 

System Engineering

This is part of engineering assurance and includes Independent Safety Assessment and support to NCB/AsBo/NoBo and preparation of safety files/technical files/EMC files.